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Twin Cities Breakfast Diner
Blackbird Cafe

4 of 5 Huevos

815 W. 50th Street 
Minneapolis, MN 55419

Breakfast Hours:
Sa/Su: 8am-2pm

date scratch small neighborhood excellent service

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TCB Review:
This little neighborhood cafe has "date spot" written all over it. Well, except for the rows upon rows of animal antlers hanging around the room -- that has some potential to throw your sweetie's appetite off. So maybe "goth date spot" is more accurate.

Yes, much has been made about the antlers; it is a bold decor move. I have to imagine that they take a bit of slack from the squeamish tofu crowd too.

But it's not enough to distract from the real draw: excellent, from scratch, very reasonably-priced food. The only real negative is that breakfast is only available on the weekends. That's okay though; goth kids don't do weekday breakfast dates anyway.

Posted: 12/20/08 by Peter Kastler

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From: Northstop

4 of 5 Huevos
The Blackbird Cafe is a solid, hip breakfast location basically at the corner of 50th and Lyndale in that magic land located on the Edina and South Minneapolis borders.

Usually the funky/eclectic locations can suffer a bit when they sacrifice the pillars of breakfast excellence (taste, coffee, lack of pretentiousness, low hassle, hashbrowns) to make some artsy fartsy point of showing the breakfast goer how hip they are. Luckily for the Blackbird, they deliver solid breakfast fare with professional servers all wrapped up in a locale which borders on early Chinese wizard.

The cheesy hashbrowns, egg dishes, cakes, chorizo and coffee all are top shelf and the prices are not uber crazy considering the neighborhood. A great place for a date but also a great place for a civilized breakfast. The platters were full of good local chow which translated nicely with great tastes.

The Breakfast Club was pleased with whole adventure and we decided we will return and aim for the 5th huevo.


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